Friday, May 6, 2016



My trip to China was full of questions. Here goes:

Air and Water Quality:

  • Will I need a face mask?
  • Will I be able to breathe?
  • Will I return home with an inoperable disease based on the water I drink or the air I breathe
  • Will I be too hot in what I brought to wear and/or perform in?
  • Will I be too cold?
  • Will I have enough?
  • Will I have too much?
  • Will my suitcase be too big or small?
  • How can I communicate with the Chinese people?
  • Do I need to know the Chinese word for "help!"?
  • How do we travel across the city?
  • Will the transportation (i.e. busses, trains, planes, subway, cabs) be dirty?
  • Will I be able to read the maps?
  • Do I need to bring people gifts?
  • Why?
  • What is the exchange rate?

What I did not wonder about is interesting...

I did not wonder about 
  • having a good time
  • enjoying performing in China
  • making the stories make sense in China
  • eating great food
  • enjoying my time with my leader Sonia.
And of course, all my questions were answered. I am alive and well, and had a great time eating good food around good people.

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